Why should I choose Rubber Brake Lines?

Choosing between rubber brake lines and stainless steel brake lines is seemingly one of the most difficult but most important decisions you’ll have to make! There are countless benefits to each of the automotive brake lines, but the team at Brake Quip are more than willing to discuss your needs in detail and help you to find the most suitable brake lines for your motor vehicle!

If you’re looking for an innovative solution for upgrading or repairing your braking system, look no further than Brake Quip. Brake Quip have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to choosing reliable automotive brake lines.

The rubber brake lines from Brake Quip are supplied for your convenience, ensuring that they fit perfectly and add years of reliability to your vehicle. The flexible motorcycle brake lines are designed to be flexible to turn the wheels easily. These motorcycle brake lines are extremely durable and reliable, so you needn’t worry about them bringing your vehicle to a stop safely!

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When choosing a rubber brake line hose, you’ll want to find parts that provide you with exceptional value for money… like the ones from Brake Quip! The rubber brake lines are considered to be inexpensive when compared to the stainless steel brake lines, but what does this mean in terms of performance?

For those who are on a limited budget, the rubber brake line hose is ideal, it enables you to keep costs low, however, the performance of the rubber brake lines is less significant than that of the stainless steel ones!


You want your automotive brake lines to fit your vehicle securely but as well as this, you’ll need the rubber brake line hose to withstand various temperatures.

The OEM Rubber Brake Line Hose from Brake Quip is ideal for applications that range from -50°C to 121°C making them suitable for an array of vehicle types.


Brake Quip provide all of their customers with the most appropriate solution when it comes to updating the braking system of their motorcycle! They make sure that the products suit your specific requirements, with regards to size, price and application.

The motorcycle brake lines don’t need to be pre-bent, they make the installation process easier.

With these brake lines, you needn’t worry about fixing any leaks in the braking system, the brake lines from Brake Quip are easily repaired.

Long lasting.

For something as important as your brakes, would you choose something that isn’t designed to last?

Brake Quip supply the automotive brake lines in rubber to suit a wide range of needs and wants, one of them being to acquire products that have a long lifespan. The rubber brake line hose is moisture resistant and weather resistant so you needn’t worry about it lasting!

Tested and approved.

Don’t compromise yours or your passenger’s safety – make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy! Your brakes should be tested and assessed to ensure that there are no faults within the system. Likewise, Brake Quip’s automotive brake lines are tried and tested before they can be fitted to vehicles, ultimately prioritising safety.

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