What to Expect From a Scrap Car Removal Service

Just because your car is wreaked beyond repair doesn’t mean that you can’t get money for it. You can sell your car for scrap and make instant cash rather than have it sitting and rotting. A scrap car removal service is happy to take your car regardless of its condition, and pay you for the trouble. If you have never used a removal service before, the process is very simple and efficient.

Call the Removal Service

The first step is to find a car removal service and call their offices. This process typically involves giving the details of your car including the model, make, condition and any other information that they might deem useful. The car removal service offers a quote based on your information, which you might accept or reject. Keep in mind that the quote is likely subject to inspection of your vehicle so be as honest and detailed as possible to avoid disappointments. Once you agree to a quote, the removal company will arrange a site visit at a date and time that is convenient for you.

Visit from Removal Company

This generally involves a professional from the removal service visiting your location. The professional typically comes with a tow truck and anything else he might need to take your junk car. There is usually a few minutes inspection because the professional knows exactly what he should be looking for.

Hand Over Documents

This part depends on the specific car removal service. Some services are happy to take your car with or without a title. Some may insist on a title, or take another document in lieu of the title such as a repossession affidavit, storage lot lien or auction sales receipt. Either way, this issue should have been addressed in the first step.

Get Your Cash

Once the professional is satisfied that the car is as promised in the first step, you get the cash you agreed on. It might not be possible to haggle at this point. Although many car removal services are happy to adjust their prices, this negotiation should take place during the initial call. Most times, the person sent to pick up your car only carries the cash that was agreed upon. Once all parties are satisfied, the car is towed away.


Scrap car removal services are incredibly easy and convenient to deal with. Rather than face multiple buyers or struggle to meet the conditions set by auctions and used car dealers, a removal service takes your vehicle as it is. The best part is you don’t wait for a check or bank transaction; you get your cash instantly the moment the deal is done.

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