Vehicle Wraps in Edmonton

Car wraps are an increasingly popular way of advertising. It all started with the Formula 1 cars displaying their respective sponsors but has spread vastly ever since those early days.

They can now be commonly seen on taxi cabs, freight vehicles, business cars and fleets, delivery service trucks and even subways, buses and streetcars. Sometimes we may not even know it’s there, when a wrap is used instead of a paint job, carrying no signs of it being a wrap.

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Sign-Tech Media, Edmonton, Alberta-based graphics company, have accumulated over 40 years of combined experience in graphic design, digital printed signs, walls and storefront signs, fleet design, vehicle wraps and more.

They produce signs in Edmonton and have a very long list of happy clients all across Canada. Their vehicle wraps adorn the cars of known clients such as Sherwood Park Chevrolet, Subaru Rally, Techni-Craft, Highland Moving, Windsor Plywood, Honda, Capital Chrysler and many, many more. This page on their site features many different vehicle wrap projects: Have a look at their gallery of clients and you will be able to get a pretty solid idea both about the scope of the work they have done over the years and their quality.

Vinyl wraps are a perfect substitute to painting a car, first used in the early nineties in Germany and brought to perfection by print specialists over the years. Vinyl wraps are an inexpensive way of turning a vehicle into a mobile advertising medium. They can be changed and updated with little extra cost or effort, and follow you wherever your vehicle goes.

Very much like when a person in an exquisite suit commands both attention and respect, or a race car driver is immediately recognized by anyone if he wears his professional gear and outfit, so will your car be noticed and recognized once it has a vehicle wrap indicating who you are and what you do.

The vinyl vehicle wrap will look like a second skin on your car, enveloping it perfectly, fitting every bend and fold, moulding to every part of the vehicle. The adhesive is strong and the wrap will last for a very long time, even under Edmonton’s unforgiving weather conditions.



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