Use of vacuum trucks in the oilfield jobs

In the oil and gas operations there is a need of the highly efficient and versatile vacuum trucks.  These are the trucks which are designed on the model of vacuum technology. Satellite Vacuum Xpress offer different types of vacuum trucks so you can check out the best type for your oil company. These days, many websites offer online reviews of different types of vacuum trucks which make it easy for the buyers to select the best one. Different configuration of the vacuum pumps is used in the vacuum tricks. So, if you are planning for investing in this type of trucks, it is better to know different types of vacuum technology used in this type of trucks.

Working of the vacuum trucks

It is interesting to know the working of the trucks. In this type of trucks, first of all vacuum is created in the tank by using vacuum pumps. These pumps sucks out the air with the help of filter, shut offs and rotator veins. The nozzle is placed in the ground which is needed to be excavated. The vacuum excavator extracts the oil and get it collected in a storage tank attached to the vacuum truck. There are attached filter systems which helps in oil filtration from the collected oil. The vacuum trucks work by vacuuming the waste water from the drilled site and then sucking the sludge from the drilled site to extract the oil.

Vacuum trucks with best pumps

It is recommended that vacuum trucks for the oil friend should be equipped with the heavy duty vacuum pumps. Hydraulic pump vacuum trucks are widely popular because these are highly efficient. Though, hydraulic pumps are somewhat expensive than the other types of pumps but it enhanced the life of the pumps by reducing the wearing and tearing on the pumps.

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