Tips to Maximize Fuel Efficiency

One of the barometers that everyone uses to judge the cost of living and the strength of the economy is the price of gas. Few price changes grab people’s attention faster than the price of gas changing by even a few cents per gallon. This is because nobody likes to pay more for gas than they have to. Instead of worrying about the price of gas, it can be equally effective to focus on maximizing the distance traveled per gallon of gas to save on the pump. With this in mind, here are a few tips from Lincoln Bloomington that will help everyone stretch their fuel tank for a few extra miles.

  1. Invest in a Fuel-Efficient Car

While this might seem obvious, many people actually overlook the easiest way to get a few extra miles per gallon of gas. Certain cars are simply made with more fuel-efficient engines than others. Because the price of gas only seems to keep going up, car companies are focusing on creating more fuel-efficient engines than ever before. The newer cars are simply going farther on the same amount of fuel. Hybrid cars are more popular than ever before. If people really want to find ways to save at the pump, consider the fuel efficiency of the next car purchase before making a decision. The gas tank will provide its thanks by going farther on a single tank.

  1. Focus on Tire Pressure

Everyone knows that tire pressure needs to be correct to keep the tires safe and the car running. Few people actually know that the car manufacturer recommends that the tires remain at this pressure for more than one reason. While this is certainly a safety issue, cars also have a tire pressure that maximizes their fuel efficiency. This pressure is clearly listed on the same label. This tire pressure helps relieve the stress on the engine and reduce the friction between the tires and the road. This translates to more miles per gallon and fuel pump savings. Remember that the tire pressure will naturally fluctuate on a daily basis and due to the weather. Check the tire pressure regularly.

  1. Time the Lights

Lincoln Bloomington, along with other car dealerships, knows that people tend to wait until the last second to hit their brakes. In addition to being unsafe and wearing out the breaks, this is terrible for fuel efficiency. Therefore, anyone who waits until the last second to hit their brakes should listen carefully. It is much better on the brakes and the fuel efficiency to let off the gas far in advance of a red light. Sometimes, the light will turn green before the car comes to a complete stop. This means that people do not have to hit the gas as hard and that translates into important gas saved.

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