Tips on the Importance of Heated Wiper Blades

There are certain natural condition that man can’t interfere with and winter season is definitely one such conditions. During the winter season driving can actually be a herculean task. This is because, icy banks, snow roads, and in most cases too, frozen road are some of the conditions of the winter season. So, vehicular movement is usually a dreaded adventure during this period.

Since we can’t change nor influence this weather condition to suit our demands, all we have to do is make adjustment in our driving habit or tradition in order to survive the prevalent weather condition before us. It is on this light that the wind shield washer fluid, ice scraper and snow brushes become a vital part of our car accessory during the winter season.

Crystal Clear Blades is here to offer the ideal solutions to all your winter travel problem. They are there to make sure you embark on your journey with great ease by offering a clear visibility service. The good thing is that, the heated wiper blades does not however require any special settings to fit into your wind shield. They work by simply detecting the external temperature whenever you ignite your vehicle.

To get your vehicle at a top notch performance level, it is imperative to evaluate all the components of your vehicle and this involves your wiper blades too. It is strongly advised that you replace your wiper blades after every 6 months of use or after every 6,000 miles journey you embark on.

There are many factors that contributes to the deterioration of your windshield wiper blades. These factors include:

  1. The size and slope of your wind shield. Most cars manufactured these days have one thing in common and that is, its sloped wind shield which is designed for improved aerodynamics. Unlike the “cab-forward” design which excess wind can cause the blades to lose contact with the wind shield especially when the car is on a high speed? But the sloped wind shield are designed to resist lifting which is caused by excess wind.
  2. Having a tight spring attached is essential for thorough cleaning in order to make way for a clear view of the road.
  3. Claws refers to the pressure points that holds the blade. This claws enables the blades to have easy sway on the wind shield. It is expected that the blade should have many claws, because the more the claws, the broader the area the pressure of the wiper is spread.

Usually the material used in blade manufacturing is made of natural rubber. But these days, the blades obtainable are manufactured from composite structure with a combination of a soft flexible rubber on the surface to give a. squeegee-like wiping and also a stronger rubber in the body which gives it maximum support and also makes it last longer than the usual blade we have.

Checking with your ASE Certified Technician for expert advise and recommendation is a step you have to take before replacement, especially if you desire a good blade that best suits your car.

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