The Valuation Process: Factors to Determine the Car Removal Rates

The expectations of the majority of people in need of car removal services in Melbourne is to always get top dollars for their cars. In as much as it is a good thing to expect the maximum amount of money from selling your old car, you should have realistic expectations on what just you may be offered and this comes with understanding the various factors used to determine the value of your car.

Here are some of the things the removal companies look at when preparing a cash offer for your old car removal:

The make and the model of your car

Old makes and models will always fetch lower value than relatively new makes and models. This is because some of the old makes and models are no longer in production and so most of their parts may have very small markets, thus not so attractive in the car removal industry. Relatively new models on the other hand may still be in production and their parts can easily be harvested to be used in other cars.

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The year of manufacture

Just like the make and the model of your old car, the year of manufacture will also play a significant role in the determination of the offer on your old car. Cars manufactured decades ago may no longer be preferred to when compared to recent cars which are not just efficient in operations but also economical when it comes to fuel consumption.

The current state of the car

An inoperable car will attract lower rates compared to a car that is still in a running condition. This is because in the former, very few parts could be harvested and be sold to be used in other cars. But in the latter, a lot of parts are still useful and sometimes it may be possible to sell the car to second hand buyer. The former are always purchased for the value of their scrap metal and it is on such that valuation will be done.

Your current location in Melbourne

If your car is located close to the yards of the car removal company in Melbourne, then you may get slightly better rates than someone whose car is located far away from the yards of the car removal. You should be informed that the cash for car company will be responsible for the towing and though you are never told, the offer given will in most cases cater for the towing as well.

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