The Top 10 Most Reliable Used Cars for College Students.


Heading off to college is stressful enough without worrying about how to get around campus.  Wondering who sells used cars, wondering who buys cars too – anything to get you from dorm to home for laundry.  However, we know you’re not asking yourself who buys junk cars, you want a reliable used car.  We’ve compiled a list of the top ten most reliable used car brands for college students.

Before you even start wondering about cost, we’ve made sure that these cars come in low on the budget scale but high on the usability.  Once you’ve graduated and are ready to move onto a new vehicle, you won’t have to wonder who buys cars.  You won’t Google “where can I sell my car for cash” because the cars on our list, with proper care, will be an asset to sell.

1 – Mazda 3

            This sporty little number not only looks good, it’s usually priced pretty well.  It never seems to go out of style, and you’ll easily find someone selling one or wanting to buy it.

2 – Honda Fit

            This car may look too small to drive you and your friends around but it has a great secret.  The ‘magic seat’ folds the back seat down into the floor.  This leaves tons of room for books, desks, or even a place to nap between classes.

3 – Toyota Corolla

            The Corolla is one of the longest manufactured car on the road today.  They are reliable, easy (and cheap) to fix.  It can’t hurt that the Corolla has been given the Top Safety Pick by the IIHS more than once

4 – Kia Rio

            This great subcompact car makes the perfect companion for a student.  Easy to maneuver, park, and repair; the Kia Rio is affordable and effective,

5 – Toyota Yaris

            Back at it with the Toyota.  These cars are compact, and known for their reliability.

6 – Hyundai Accent

            The Accent has been quoted as being a delight to drive.  With a low sticker price brand new, a conscientious student will find a relatively new Accent within their price range.

7 – Honda Civic

            While you may really want a reliable car, you don’t want to give up your image.  The Honda Civic crosses both of those off it’s list with the sleek body and sporty look.

8 – Nissan Versa

            While the amenities in a Versa may be less, you get a great car for a low price.  Even better is the amount of gas mileage, which is something to take into consideration when buying a used car.

9 – Kia Soul

            While this car is one of the bigger ones on our list, that doesn’t make it any less budget friendly.  It has a great interior, lots of space for adventures, and has been proven to be very reliable.

10 – Chevrolet S10

            What’s a list of student cars without a good pick up truck?  While the S10 isn’t the biggest or best truck, it is reliable when taken care of.  After a few semesters of driving this truck around you’ll realize the full potential of a pickup truck on campus.

When you’re set to buy your first used car, just remember to check the value of the car on a highly rated website. Don’t forget to take into consideration rust, repairs and mileage.


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