Shipping A Caravan To Australia From The UK

Since we all know that shipping a simple car is not a big deal, even if you import it from another country, however, shipping a bigger vehicle, like a caravan is a different story. This article will help all of you who are trying to import a caravan from the UK to Australia, and if you need a great service, check out Dazmac.

Buying a Caravan in the UK

First of all, before actually purchasing a caravan in the UK you need to make sure that what you pay for is actually what you are going to get. There is an easy solution for that, as you have to find the NCC approved freight forwarder, as they will make sure that you get exactly what you’d expect.

Find a caravan you like and ship it easily from the UK to Australia

The way this works is that you will be advised to a good model of your caravan and they will do the necessary check up for your caravan, which includes checking:

– If there are any damages or drawbacks

– Checking the record to see if the vehicle was stolen

– Outstanding finance

–  Was it stolen or damaged

– Other important aspects that even you can mention

Apply for the vehicle import approval

VIA (vehicle import approval) needs to be obtained before your vehicle is scheduled to arrive in Australia. Usually, the application will take about 4 to 6 weeks, since it needs to be processed and returned. There is even an option to apply for this online, but you will be charged extra.

If you want to make sure that your vehicle will be accepted in Australia:

– Check the sales invoice

– Picture of manufacture plate

– Air con? (Yes: picture of gas plate)

– Pictures and descriptions

– Fridge? (Yes: picture of the fridge plate)

– Copy of the permit import

Prepare for loading

When the company you chose to do the import has received the caravan that needs to be exported to Australia, their specialized staff will then prepare the condition report which is here to make your life much easier.

There are different ways your caravan can be shipped, so choose wisely!

The condition report will make the vehicle pictures available to you on the internet, and they will include the inside, outside images. Pictures of any damage, scratches or dents… and so on. This way you will have proof that what you are getting is what you paid for.

Which way to ship?

You can choose between having your caravan shipped inside the container or outside. There is a big difference, between the two. Shipping a vehicle without a container will not protect it from weather changes and other things that might damage it while it is being delivered, while the container does just that.


Once your caravan has reached Australia, the overseas agents from your company will then take care of the import procedures. The caravan will then have to be cleared and the AQIS inspection will do their job. Then you will have to pay the GST and Duty:

– Import Duty is 5%

– Import GST is 10%

Final word

If you are still looking for a great company that can import a car from UK to Australia, you can just check out the Dazmac Logistics offers importing a caravan from the UK. If that company does not suit your taste, which is highly unlikely, then you can just search for others since there are many different import companies today!

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