Sense and Sensibility with hydrogen and automobiles

Hydrogen-induced cars are the new thing in the global market and it is no less than the gasoline cars and is more convenient than the electric or battery cars. Slowly and steadily with time, the hydrogen fuel cars are going to take over the market and steam, gasoline, as well as batteries, will fade in the history. The reasons behind the eventual success and growing popularity of the hydrogen fuel cells are as follow:-

  1. The density of energy of a hydrogen fuel cell is much high; for instance, four kilograms tank of hydrogen can provide a speed of five hundred kilometers which is two hundred and eighty miles of driving. The cost can be a bit pricey and you have to wait till the price falls. But, then, something such advanced and energetic is worth spending for.
  2. The refilling of the hydrogen tanks can be done within three to five minutes. The refilling is same as gasoline and so the comparison is reasonable with the hydrogen-induced cars. In short, you can receive a complete package of well-priced, highly speed, bombastic energy and what more is left, other than the precautions and safety!
  3. Well, safety is quite personal and not all hydrogen fueled vehicles end up with that of the Hindenburg disaster which occurred back in 1937 in New Jersey, United States. It is quite ridiculous to think that just because it is hydrogen, it has to be Hindenburg. It is not that till date not a single gasoline run cars have met with an accident or that all electric cars have successfully escaped mishaps.
  4. It is all about understanding the value of hydrogen. Moreover, there were lesser casualties in the Hindenburg disaster. The disaster is always found as an excuse to find negative ratings for the hydrogen induced vehicles, but, the truth is only the aluminized fabric was burned and it has nothing to do with the cars. The situation was experimental and the fabric was supposedly protecting the hydrogen ballonets.

  1. If you really wanna blame the situation which caused the catastrophe, then, it has to be the lightning which struck the tail section.

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