Reasons Why Body Shop Estimates Vary Drastically From Shop To Shop

After you have been involved in a vehicle accident, your next stop is the body shop. It’s very common for your insurance company to have approved body shops that you must take your car to for repairs. This is due to the fact that different body shops will charge different rates.

This may seem surprising to many. If a car needs to be repaired, then the same work should get done at both shops, right? That is correct, however, there are other factors that affect the price that you will be charged at various body shops. Let’s take a look at what these other factors are below.

Different Parts

One of the main reasons for the fluctuation in price between various shops is the parts they intend to use to fix the damage to your car. There are typically three options which include OEM, aftermarket, and recycled parts. All of these have their pros and cons, which you should look into. Each body shop will have their default preference of parts that they use, which can be different from the next shop.

Estimating Systems

Body shop technicians will use a computerized estimating system to help them establish a repair estimate for your damaged vehicle. Just like Mac is different from PC, these estimating systems vary from program to program. Each program will use a different formula to come up with the exact estimate. While the estimating system does provide different estimation values, this typically only fluctuates slightly from a body shop to another body shop.

Different Labor Rates

All body shops charge rates for mechanical labor, paint refinishing labor, and body repair labor. These are typically priced at different rates in the same shop. It’s very common for shops to charge different rates from their competitors. While the rates may not be overly drastic, say five dollars off from the other body shop, this does add up over time. If your repair takes 20 hours, that’s a difference of 200 dollars on your repair estimate from one shop to the next.

Available Shop Discounts

Auto body shops are just like other businesses. They run promotions and discounts from time to time to capture more customers. It’s possible for you to cash in on discounts offered by tucson auto collision if you are a member of specific organizations. For example, some shops will offer a AAA affiliation discount or an AARP member discount.

Thoroughness Of The Initial Estimate

You should be aware that a body shop will have two estimates. The first one you will receive is called an initial estimate. This is what the technician can visibly see that needs repaired. After the initial estimate is approved, the technician will start to disassemble the car. At this point, they will be able to discover any remaining damage to the car that was not visible while it was fully assembled. They will then issue a supplemental estimate will the remaining repairs.

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