Nomadic Rv Lifestyles a Growing Trend

The other day I was thinking of all the costs it would take transitioning to a life off the grid. After only a little calculation, I realized that living on the grid was cheaper. Seemed as if living off the grid was for those with lumps of cash sitting around – just another rich man’s hobby.

But then I began to read stories of people who went off the grid in a way that never occurred to me before. And as I began to ponder it, the whole idea began to catch speed in my mind.

Picture this: Traveling across the vast American countryside, visiting all of the beautiful national parks, and enjoying every beachside available. For most, that is nothing but a dream. But does it really have to be just a dream?

A lot of people who dream of owning an RV don’t know that there are tricks to actually purchasing a Class A Diesel Pusher (a.k.a. RV) and claiming it as a business vehicle. Working and living from an RV is the ultimate off-the-grid experience – tax deductible to boot. It is almost like the government wants us to live off the grid.

It is true that most diesel Class A recreational vehicles run upwards to $1 million, but there are also cheaper models available. Class A gas models can run half the price, while Class C to fifth-wheel models run even less. And with the full range of amenities offered at nice RV parks running no more than $500 a month, the actual savings begin to show. This website can give you a pretty realistic idea of what prices we’re looking at.

As Forbes magazine has shown in an article about a couple who are living in an RV, isn’t just seniors who are chasing 70-degree weather in a motorhome. Young people under 30-years-of-age are taking this as an actual lifestyle now.

Yea, the article above is mostly about how she increased her salary year-over-year to making just under $1 million. But the point is to show you that people are doing it and in growing numbers.

And as recent news dies of how more and more millennials are living in their parents’ basement, new market statistics are showing that they are rejuvenating the once dead RV market. It isn’t just grandpa and grandma opting to purchase motorhomes anymore. And Gen Xers are are replacing the Babyboomers in the RV market as well.

For those who can already afford to work from comforts of home, such as project developers, software developers, computer programmers and web developers (only to list some examples), purchasing and living in a nice motorhome has some nice appeal. Maybe even taking up the career as a storm chaser in an RV would be a blast.

So, the next time you start fantasizing about living off the grid and/or chasing the 70-degree weather (whichever one comes first), consider living the nomadic lifestyle in style: think about an RV.

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