Is Your Exhaust Happy?

How can you tell? It won’t smile or give you a thumbs-up to show its joy and rigorous state of health and it isn’t a great conversationalist!

Every car owner isn’t expected to be an accomplished mechanic, tyre fitter or exhaust specialist but they should be able to spot tyres which need replacing, when exhaust replacement advice should be sought and how to carry out essential car maintenance.

If your hardworking exhaust sounds decidedly grumpy or even a tad irritated then please seek professional advice. Resolve the issue before it transforms in to a more serious and costly one.

Your exhaust serves several purposes, all of them vital:

  • It directs exhaust fumes away from passengers in the vehicle.
  • The exhaust improves the engine’s performance.
  • It also makes the fuel consumption rate more effficent.
  • The exhaust controls noise from operation.

There’s the tailpipe, a silencer box or boxes, which are attached to the tailpipe and the catalytic converter, and the exhaust manifold which is the funnel that releases exhaust fumes from the engine. The silencer boxes aren’t a design feature, they ensure that environmental and legal levels are adhered to.

Where to go if you need exhaust replacement

Cost effective and eager exhaust fitting services specialists including Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts boast highly qualified teams that are ready and willing to work on your car.

If the correct exhaust isn’t in stock and on the premises for fitting, it can normally be sourced within 30 minutes with reputable firms.  Local and trusted firms like Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts won’t lose you in a mist of jargon as they make their assessment or rush you in to a decision but they will ensure that you, as their valued customer, enjoy full confidence in their abilities, competitive fees and the exhaust replacement. A professional will evaluate whether a smaller fix, perhaps welding, is more suitable and all work should come with a guarantee

Overall car maintenance

Car maintenance checks should be carried out by the car owner regularly and this includes tyres, brakes and batteries as much as the exhaust. If you suspect that there may be a problem, don’t leave it to chance. Peace of mind is a priceless commodity and whilst you may not wish to pay for tyre replacement or exhaust fitting services, the dangers of ignoring issues could prove fatal.

Exhaust fumes kill more people than Road Traffic Accidents.

The adage is true: Prevention is better than cure.

Would you be happy to take a flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles, Paris or even Edinburgh without ensuring passenger safety, that the aeroplane was fit for purpose with no clanking, jangling or threadbare components? Chances are that you’d run back in to the departure lounge sooner than take your seat, and yet day after day you climb in to your vehicle and assume it will be fine. Hopefully, it will be.

For further advice about what to look and listen for please contact local experts like the team at Thatcham Tyres and Exhausts.

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