How to choose a vacuum pump for your septic truck

A vacuum pump is an essential element when it comes to a service truck so it is important to consider a few things before buying one. Sometimes you may need to upgrade or change it to a different type.


The performance of the vacuum pump is an important factor. This is determined by its speed   and suction power. You need to look at the flex gear technology used or flex couplings. The ones that use neoprene rubber have an exceptional flexibility. Some vacuum pumps require frequent lubrication making them costlier requiring high maintenance while others are clean, dependable and quieter during performance.


The vacuum pump has a size, so does your septic porta potty trucks – Truckxpress. Getting a bigger vacuum pump is not entirely helpful and will not make the process faster or the pump quicker. Every vacuum pump has its best fit that goes along with it. Manufacturers usually provide the recommended size depending on your tank and its application.


Taking care of your equipment is important as this will help them in lasting longer. With proper care the equipment will offer efficient, trouble-free service for a long time. The type of vacuum pump will also differ in terms of maintenance and it’s always good to read the manual. When it need repairing it is best to take it to the manufacturers’ repair unit as they are well versed with their equipment, rather than to other places where mechanics are more likely to cause more damage or indulge in temporary fixes.


Research before buying a vacuum pump. It’s essential that you get personal insight from people who either dismiss or vouch for the product. Finding brands that have a good reputation is a better and safe play.

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