How to Add Value to Your Campervan

Selecting your campervan is a very exciting process, with all of the different features to choose between and then deciding on how big and accommodating it needs to be.  It can also seem like an expensive process and like any vehicle, you may be taking into consideration a slight loss in value as the vehicle ages and more miles are added to the clock. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as there are different ways in which you can maintain your campervan and keep its value throughout its lifetime. If you’re unsure of how to do this, here are a few different ways to help you not only maintain your campervans value, but also add value too.

Maintenance and Servicing

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you own, in order to keep or add value you must keep up with maintenance and servicing. Maintaining your campervan can mean a number of different things, from giving it a proper wash every weekend, to making sure it’s constantly topped up with fuel, oil and washer fluid. You then have the interiors of your campervan to consider, whether or not the appliances are regularly checked to ensure they are in full working order, are the windows clean and still insulated and everything work as it should. These are all simple things to keep an eye on and maintain, but they’re also key to ensuring your campervan is in the best condition it can be.

You then have servicing. You should ideally service your campervan annually, but it doesn’t hurt to take it into the garage for a quick once over after a long trip or heavy travelling. You should always take your campervan to a proper garage for professional servicing, and be sure to put the best quality parts when needed. If you opt for the cheaper parts then you’ll instantly notice the lack in quality which will have an effect on both the value of the vehicle, as well as the usability.

Update the Interiors

Throughout your ownership of your campervan, you will have been on numerous travels and got plenty of use out of the interiors of the vehicle. As time passes, so do trends and styles and whilst keeping your campervan interiors up to date with the latest décor trends isn’t necessary, it’s still important to keep the interiors looking fresh and modern. Giving your campervans interiors a fresh burst of character every now and then is ideal for keeping its value up and also making it a comfortable, homely place to stay. Start by making sure all of the main features from the sofa, bed and additional seating, to the carpets, curtains and upholstery are in good condition. The last thing you want is to have ripped or marked upholstery. You can also look at updating any vinyl used for the interiors, to make sure it is all looking as good as new.

Introduce Something New

Everyone wants new and exciting things when it comes to the next purchase. If you could have a campervan with a handy annex or pop top, why wouldn’t you? It’s time to think about what potential buyers are looking for when it comes to purchasing a campervan. Your VW T5 conversion is going to stand out much more than a campervan with a few simple modifications. Even when you don’t have selling your campervan in mind, it’s still really beneficial for you to add new features for you to enjoy and benefit from. Awnings and pop tops are very popular within the campervan industry and they make your travelling experience much better. You could also look at introducing new appliances to make the cooking and preparing much easier, or add swivel chairs to your cabin to utilise the space you have.

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