How Smart are the Latest Hyundai Cars

With the Advent of smart technology, every phenomenon around us is moving forward to adapt to this new way of doing things including cars. All automakers are now sailing on the same boat, where their vehicles are being modified with the smart technology to stay afloat in the competition of delivering the users more safety, comfort and convenience while they move with their brand made vehicles. Hyundai is no exception. The latest Hyundai cars are coming with all new techniques and technologies that make us call them “smart”.

Here’s why.

Manufacturing Smart Cars

The Hyundai dealer Riverside described the concept of a smart car that is spreading widely, and how the automakers are making full use of this craze.  Moreover, the deteriorating environmental conditions due to global warming are pushing the requirement of developing the electronic technology further ahead. While self-driven cars are already seen on the roads, few of them have even gone forward with an automatically adjustable speed and taking control in emergencies.

Smart Traffic Jam Assist

The Hyundai smart cars would be able to monitor the road ahead with its Traffic Jam Assist feature that includes steering assist control and helps in maintaining a safe distance automatically from other cars both in the front and back. It would even help in accelerating and decelerating when the traffic starts moving and allows the car to go ahead with a stable speed.

Interactive Voice Recognition

Hyundai is now supported by the latest AVN system which has enabled the new technology to work with an interactive voice recognition system that speaks and listens through the speaker and a button with the help of which the driver can control the ‘Siri voice recognition service’ from Apple and can access the mobile phone with ease.

Night View

The real-time camera comes with an advanced feature of displaying an optimized road visibility that helps the driver to drive in the dark and yet maintain proper safety in every night-time driving condition.

Highway Driving Assist

Hyundai has been designed in particular every support system to enhance the driving experience. The Highway Driving Assist System is one such feature that has integrated the longitudinal and lateral control in the vehicle to maintain the speed range at a speed of 150k/h. It even assists the driver in steering to maintain the car at a safe distance through its Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) to assure a safer driving through the highways.

Driver State Monitoring

The Driver State Monitoring system is configured as said by the Hyundai Riverside to monitor the driver’s drowsiness, any sign of fatigue or distraction so that it can effectively protect the car occupants along with the driver from inviting troublesome and life-threatening situations. It does so start an audible alarm at the right time.

Remote Parking Assist System

Once you reach the destination or come back home, Hyundai cars would be smart enough to assist you in the parking lot too. It understands the difficulty, the challenge, the strain that a driver goes through while parking the car in a small space allotted to you. With its automated steering and braking, it would guide you in changing the direction and do the parking itself without any necessity for the driver to take all the moves.

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