Got Door Dings? Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Want a career that will keep your life healthy and rewarding? PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair as it is becoming more widely known, is a great way to stay fit and healthy and also earn a nice living.

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PDR is a tough and difficult process to master and Paintless Dent Repair Training is key to learning the process. Staying fit is key to being able to perform this process. Athletes and those who eat properly and work out regularly are normally the best candidates for this exclusive business. But what should you eat to feed your body best to stay healthy?

1) Fruit and Vegetables. Vitamins and fiber are two ingredients you can get naturally from great vegetables and fruit.

2) Proteins. Proteins are essential for not only building muscle and strength but also help with energy.

3) Fats. Unsaturated fats are key for brain and nervous system processing.

Once you have your nutrition in check, and workout schedule to maintain energy, you should be ready to tackle PDR.

PDR is a very complicated process to master at first as it is an art and as such takes time. Most people cannot master it for at least a few months of practice. We liken it to playing a compacted musical instrument, such as a violin. When you practice you will notice you get better over time. Use of proper PDR Tools is key to performing PDR and when you choose great tools you are better set to succeed in PDR.

When people learn PDR they often find they are struggling to finish their dents to completion.
With dedicated practice, this process will become easier.

A PDR class takes usually 1-6 weeks with the emphasis on learning all aspects of the process.
Dings, dents, creases, body-line dents/dings and dents under bracing are all covered.
When you take a course in PDR you quickly learn the education is a day by day process: You learn little bits each day and in sum your learning will be complete after just a few weeks, as long as you maintain your health.

Paintless dent removal isn’t just a quick learn process, but a long term dedication to the art of the painless dent repair process.

PDR takes time and with dedication and proper instruction one can learn the process in due order.

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