Cool Car Tools: Great Gadgets for Safer, Smarter Driving

What makes a car cool? The exterior definitely makes an impression. But most of the time owners are driving and not staring at their vehicle. So, the associated gadgets make a difference. Great gadgets make a vehicle cooler and safer so you drive smarter. Here are a few gadgets improving driving experience and driver social status.

hottie Smartphone Car Mount

It’s illegal and unsafe to operate your smartphone while driving. Well, it’s not that you can’t use your phone for an array of things, you just need to maintain control of the car and keep both hands on the wheel most of the time. A one-touch smartphone mount makes it easier and safer to access maps, answer the phone, etc.

Dynamat Sound Deadener

Why do luxury cars ride so much better? In part, superior mechanics and devotion to the interior cabin is the reason. However, you can mirror some of the luxury features. Deaden outside noise while improving perceived sound quality of your stereo system. Place a sound depressing mat on the floor and drive smarter.

Kakadu Rooftop Tent

This places you somewhere between roughing it and glamping. The rooftop tent sets on top of some vehicles. Why would you want to place a tent on your SUV roof? Well, then you’ll have access to your car’s battery so you can check email, work, and stay warmer. It also has added features like a pull-out side tent in case you actually want to touch the ground. You don’t have an SUV that can hold a rooftop tent? Start by contacting Adrian Brien Jeep Fiat.

CurbAlert PRO

As seen in plenty of car shows and brochures, modern cars feature rear cameras that help you parallel park and avoid curbs, yet drivers complain of the limitations of such advances. This camera picks up smaller details and hazards that could otherwise leave you with a damaged or deflated tire.

Trunk Organizer

How organized is your trunk? When you’re finally comfortable enough to face the truth, you’ll take interest in a trunk organizer that is durable enough to hold tools and handy enough for portability. Maintain cleaning supplies, toys, CDs, etc.

Thule Force Cargo Box

You’ve seen them atop minivans and SUVs. Why would people with a large vehicle need even more space on top? Well, if you have a large family with a lot of belongings and headed to the beach, vacation spot, or daycation, you’ll understand why the added space is heaven sent.

Garmin babycam

Depending on the age of your child, they may be facing the rear of the vehicle while you’re driving. Therefore, you’ll want to capture every coo, dribble, and spilled drink on this Garmin baby camera. It’s convenient for moms and dads who want to keep an eye on little ones but don’t want to get distracted in the process.


This is an example of military tech making its way to the mainstream. Don’t take your eyes off the road while getting GPS intelligence, changing the station on the radio, and being alerted of incoming calls and texts.

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