Checking for Tyre Wear

Examining your tyre wear is probably a task which you have good intentions about but somehow the checks don’t happen as frequently as they should and by the time you do amble into a garage or tyre fitters your tyres are fading fast, soon to find their home in the garage graveyard.

How about making it part of your routine to check them? Not every day but frequently, and after long journeys or difficult terrain has been covered. Safe driving and tyre wear and tear monitoring are imperative to protect yourself, passengers and other road users.

When you check tyre wear, think like a professional tyre replacement centre worker, not someone who wants to spend as little as they can!

If you are in any doubt as to whether your tyres are defying legislation, speak to experts rather than take a risk. The professional team at Thatcham Tyre and Exhaust, for example, are qualified, experienced and friendly and they’ll assess tyres professionally, accurately and help with tyre replacement services.

Are your tyres:

  • Bald.
  • Cracked.
  • Wom.
  • Deteriorating.
  • Showing the tread has become distorted?

You need tyre replacement. Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that has direct contact with the road, the tyre and the road should be in excellent condition for the highest levels of safety.

The treads’ purpose is to remove water from the road to deliver the best grip, it’s when the tread is at the legal limit that the tyre wear has reached a sufficient degree that tyre replacement must be sought.

That’s not the opinion of tyre firms who are keen to make a profit. RoSPA strongly recommends that tyres are changed before they reach the legal tread limit.

Whilst making checks please remember to clean treads to remove any small items and stones which may have wedged themselves in to the tyres. Check the valves too.

These are an essential maintenance tasks for safety and peace of mind. Don’t wander away and hope that it will be alright or purposefully forget that checks need to be carried out. After an accident is too late. Recriminations may be worthless in the face of a tragedy.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, ask an expert, like Thatcham Tyres to complete this work for you.

Tyre wear cautions:

  • Please don’t use second hand or part worn tyres. Their tread is borderline safe and poses risks that are wholly avoidable. If you have these tyres, seek tyre replacement immediately.
  • Equally worrying, re-tread tyres can sometimes be made from unsound tyres.
  • Legally permissible re-tread tyres have a sound structure, the old rubber and sidewall to work with.
  • Only an expert should advise about changing the tyre types. An incorrect choice by an unqualified person could have serious ramifications. It isn’t worth the risk.

Many tyres are kept in stock by suppliers and can often be sought within 24 hours if they are out of stock.

There’s no excuse for driving unsafely so please don’t make any.

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