Car wheel alignment services for improving car performance

Vehicle alignment is very important in order to improve the performance of your vehicle. You might have noticed that sometimes, your car does not moves in  the straight direction rather it appears to move slightly right or left. It is the sign that wheels of your car are not aligned properly. Wheel alignment is one of the most common problems which are faced by the car owners. Wheel alignment helps in improving the performance of car by providing better stability, safety and comfort. It also helps in saving fuel, protect wearing of your tires and reduce the strains on the engine. If you feel that your car is not moving in the straight direction, then you can send you car to B-Select Soon Lee Car Workshop, which is one of the most popular car repair workshop in Singapore. There are many more companies like this which provide quality and comprehensive car repair services.

Different types of wheel alignment

To improve the car driving experience and provide safe travelling, you can even send your car for Car repair Singapore to check wheel alignment. On an average wheel alignment check is must when someone untrained has removed the car wheels for repair or your car have covered more than 1,000 kilometers.  There are different types of wheel alignment:

  • Caster alignment: In this type of wheel alignment, the caster angle is corrected. This is the angle which is formed by steering axis and vertical ground surface from side of the car. This angle should be backward for better performance.
  • Camber alignment: When you view your car from the front, certain angle is formed between the steering axis and vertical ground surface. Sometimes, either top or bottom of the tire is farther from the suspension. Thus, it is corrected in this alignment to bring it in the straight position.

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