Buying a Brand New Car: Advanced Safety Features to Look Out For

Innovations in technology have made the auto industry continuously come up with better features that mostly focus on functionality and safety.  If you’re looking to buy a brand new car, consider these features to keep you and your family safe while on the road:

Rear view camera

Newer car models have this added safety feature included which is activated when the vehicle is in reverse.  It helps you avoid accidents by helping you see what’s behind you, and assist you with parallel parking, backing out of your garage or a driveway, or out of a parking space. Always keep the lens clean as dirt, mud, or snow will obscure the view.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Also called Autonomous Cruise Control, car makers install sensors and computer-connected cameras that read the road ahead of you in traffic, so your vehicle maintains a preset distance relative to the car in front by slowing down or speeding up whenever necessary. Understanding of the car’s braking system will also help, as some will brake to a stop and some provide limited braking.

Lane-Keep Assist

Texas has officially banned the dangerous practice of texting while driving effective 1st of September 2017.  But, knowing that indulging too much in technology nowadays is a hard habit to break, (or your kids keep distracting you), this feature helps you remain within the lanes by detecting the lane markings on the road. If the car drifts out of the track, it will automatically steer back into the center.

Lane-departure warning (LDW)

If you are trying to cross over to the other lane without activating the turn signals, this feature provides visual alerts through blinking lights on the dashboard, audio warnings, or even vibration warnings through the steering wheel and seats. It relies heavily on road markings though, so it may not function with faded or covered road lines.

Blind spot warning system

This feature monitors the area alongside and behind the vehicle so it gives visual or audible warnings when you’re changing lanes and there’s a vehicle in your blind spot. The more advanced systems can even brake or steer your car back into the center of the lane. Some blind spot warning systems may not detect high-speed incoming vehicles or motorcycles though.

Forward Collision Warning System & Automatic Braking

This feature uses speed and distance calculations to warn you of an impending collision using visual, audio, vibration warnings, or a combination of any if it detects a stopped or slowly-moving vehicle in front of you. Automobile manufacturers also equip most cars which have FCW systems with Automatic Braking that urgently applies brakes should the driver fail to do so in time.

Take note that these features are primarily available in high-end cars, so you would want to research if they are available for the mainstream or lower-priced ones if you are opting to purchase one of the latter.  Don’t hesitate to contact a mobile auto repair Houston mechanic should you need further assistance or information before deciding on which brand new car to buy.



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