Being Vegan isn’t expensive! Find out how!

As a society we are constantly building, growing and developing and throughout the years, we have also become more self-aware. This has lead us to the increase of shared views within a society. We have peaceful protesters, animal rights activists and now the rise of becoming a vegan is at an all-time high. Sadly, Veganism comes with the stigma that it costs too much for organic, fresh produce in a world which is constantly getting more and more overpopulated (which means food production rates are increasing at an alarming rate)! Don’t worry, whether you are wanting to become a vegan, you are interested in the vegan lifestyle or just wanted a good read, we have the information here for you.

As it was stated, people believe that being a vegan is extremely expensive. This is because of those dreadful prices on the supermarket grocery isles or even down their local green grocers. Little do they know that the only thing being a vegan increases is the effort you need to put in.

Home Cooked Goodness! Being a vegan pushes you towards having a creative flair and relying on home cooked food most the time but if you have time on your hands, it’s worth the healthy lifestyle change.

Got a Green Thumb?

This is where things get interesting. People believe that growing vegetables takes too much time and can often result in a faulty batch but do you know the wonders of Hydroponics? Hydroponics is a simple way of making various produce without the need for an allotment, long term spending and did I mention that it’s quicker to grow using the Hydroponic system rather than your conventional growing methods. All you need to do is a little internet search and you can find loads on how to grow your own vegetables with this system. It’s super simple method is great to be used by both a beginner and someone with a more advanced knowledge on the subject.

The only thing is that Hydroponic growing is expensive at the start but much like solar panels on roofs; You get your money back in no time! This also means no standing around in your local supermarket trying to decide which is the ripest vegetable to cook with.

Hydroponic systems usually consist of things such as Grow Lights (UV lights that stimulate the plants growth), Growing Media (The substitute for your usual soil) and the growing system in itself. You can either build your own or buy a pre-built system such as ones that can be found online at various retailers.

Whether you wish to be vegan or just have a passion for growing, it doesn’t have to be expensive!

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