Are you afraid of replacing your damaged grille because the bill will give you a heart attack?

Are you afraid of replacing your damaged grille because the bill will give you a heart attack? Visit Parts Avatar Car Parts for the best options at reasonable price ranges when it comes to auto parts

Sometimes you can hide away the damage incurred from a car crash. For example, if it is on the side view mirror, you may get away with duct taping it for the while. But it is often hard to ignore a damaged or discolored grille, because it ruins the overall show of the car itself.

For people who are not aware of it, this grille is not the same grille you like to barbeque your steak on! A car grille is the portion between the car bumper and the bonnet and plays a big role in defining the “face” of the car. Hence, just like you take special care of your face, often more than the rest of your body, the grille deserves an elevated level of attention and respect. Any scratches, even the most minor ones need to be addressed immediately, without delay.

Types Of Grille

Just like in most things nowadays, you are spoilt for choices of metal and style when it comes to grilles of today. You are welcome to choose between billet grille, stainless steel grille, and aluminum billet grille, when you are shopping for car parts in Parts Avatar Canada. Moreover, you can also opt to buy just some of the components that you need to assemble the grille if you realize that all but one component has become faulty. Some of the individual aftermarket car parts that are available here are:

  • Grille
  • Grille Bracket
  • Grille Retainer
  • Grille Moulding
  • Miscellaneous Grille Items

One of the guarantees that most repair shops won’t be able to give you is whether they will be able to find the exact match to replace your damaged grille. This is because grilles are easily one of the hardest car parts to find around. And the stores that stock them often fail to keep a variety of grilles at hand, ready for sale. They will often tell you to wait for a few days till they try and arrange for a grille according to the specifications for the make and model of your car. This means that while they get a grille custom made for your car, your car is left looking shaggy and worse for wear, spoiling your image among your peers and colleagues. Moreover, some grilles give way to headlights on the front. Without installing a new grille, it is impossible to install the headlights. And there is no way that you are driving a car, especially during the night, without headlights on!

Grille Manufacturers

At PartsAvatarAutoParts, however, not only do you get a grille that matches you car perfectly, you also get it at unbelievably low rates. This is because you can compare the prices of different top car manufacturers who showcase their products on the site itself and decide for yourself which one suits your needs and budget the most. However, this does not mean that any unverified seller gets the privilege of selling you replacement auto parts. A strict scrutiny ensures that the standard of car parts producers is always maintained so that the customers get only verified and fully authentic products online.

Nevertheless, it is always wise to find out which manufacturers expertise in selling grilles over say, others, who might have an impressive record of producing bumpers or hoods. When it comes to grilles, you might want to look for well-known car manufacturers like Dorman, Sherman, SLP and Auto Metal Detect.

DIY Installation Of Replacement Grille

If you have spent your hard earned money purchasing a new grille, it is more than likely that you would not want to spend even more hiring a car technician to install your new grille. If you have made up your mind to fix your replacement grille any yourself, you can brush up on your repairing skills by watching any of the numerous online tutorials available for this purpose. If you are looking for the short step-by-step guidance for the same, here is the entire process in a nutshell:

  • First the old grille or “nose” of the car needs to be removed. While in some cars one only needs to loosen some bolts and screws to do the trick, other cars will have a more complicated build. Hence, depending on the kind of car you own, it is always advisable that one consults the car owner’s manual before attempting to remove the grille. In some cars, the grille is built in into the very structure of the vehicle, making it impossible to remove it without cutting it first. One needs to be careful about the locations that the grille material is cut, so as to not damage the rest of the car frame.
  • After setting aside the old grille, make sure that you use sand paper to smoothen out the edges of the grille area. This particular step is recommended if the grille area is severely dented or damaged. It also makes for a smooth replacement if you have had to cut out the grille from the car.
  • The Only step left is to follow the instructions on the installation kit and install the new grille on to the car. Several screws and bolts might be involved in fixing the grille in its place. Finally, step back and observe the grille from every angle to double check if it has been properly installed.

It is also worthy to mention that you might need an assortment of tools and equipments depending on how difficult it is to install the grille of your car. In that case you can swing by Parts Avatar Canada to pick up any essential equipment that you might not have to successfully carry out the task.

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