Albania: perfect combination of authenticity and adventure

Many people admire Albania for its scenic beauty, historical heritage and unique cultural sites. You would definitely like to experience Albania adventure with the spectacular views and fantastic beaches. High and craggy mountains in the ancient and north cities with museums and historic mountains would surely give you a great experience with the trekking, hiking, kayak, diving centre, climbing, ski touring, off road and visit to the cultural sites. People can also perform different outdoor activities in the national park like mountain climbing, fishing and excursions throughout the streams and valley along different parts of the river.

The full journey of the Albania Mountains would not only give you a chance to live between contemporary world and mythical atmosphere but it also gives you an opportunity to enjoy renowned hospitality. Your Albania tour would be unique as it only gives you the opportunity to sleep, walk, eat and breathe through the modern tales of the majestic intrigue and mystery.

The territory of Albania has different regions where rural tourism and mountains are well developed and among them some of the most important are listed below:

Albania western Alps

Definitely, Albania tour cannot be completed without any visit to the western Alps. Your journey of the mountains starts from the shkodra city and leads to razma city situated at the blackberry hill. Razma is surrounded by the infinite forests of birch and pine trees. People can also experience this journey during the winter season when the cold and snow is at the highest level. You can also a find number of hotels for the completion of the journey so that you can get some comfort with the food and rest. A village surrounded by the Alps, Boga can also be perfect for the mountains climbing, spelunking and trekking.

Albania eastern Alps

In the eastern part of the Albania, Valbona River and national park are most beautiful and known for their natural beauty in Albania. You can also find different water sources creating an attractive canyon of some depth and breadth.  You would surely like to stay at the comfortable traditional hotels while this place is known for regional cooking.

The national park (Llogara)

The Llogara Mountain approximately lies at the city of vlora. You will surely enjoy this magical natural beauty with the seaside climate and mountains. You can also find decorative and medicinal plant mix and in this park you can also look for the different kinds of animals.

People can also search for the clubs, restaurants and comfortable hotels. One should not forget to taste some of the traditional dishes such as baked speckled trout, traditional fish as well as most famous kollafacet and pickles. You can also try some of the different famous or traditional wines. People who are interested for the adventurous activities and places to visit at Albania can also do some research in order to visit most majestic sites to have a beautiful experience.  Definitely, you can also plan your trip with your family, friends or as an individual.

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