AdBlue®Diesel for Truck Drivers

AdBlue® Diesel for Truck Drivers is a vital additive used along with diesel to minimise mono-nitrogen oxide emission from truck exhaust. To carry the fluid, your vehicle must feature a special tank. AdBlue®, a fluid transferred to different parts of the engine using special AdBlue® dispensing equipment, transforms mono-nitrogen oxide toxins in the diesel vehicle into water vapour and nitrogen. The use of AdBlue® has no effects on torque and the power output of your vehicle.

Ensure that the AdBlue diesel additive has remained pure throughout. To avoid contaminations, ensure that you have stored it in the right way. In other words, keep the container sealed and ensure that the surrounding temperature is above -11 degrees Celsius. Using the correct amount is also important but that will highly depend on the model of your vehicle.

The common uses of AdBlue®

AdBlue® is not only used in the modern trucks and buses manufactured after 2005 but it is also a legal requirement you should observe. The vehicles released before the year are not legally required to use the fluid primarily because of the difficulty involved in adopting them. The modern vehicles released after the year 2005 require regular AdBlue® top ups – the frequency depends on the vehicle model, the vehicle mileage and the amount of use.

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AdBlue® is not limited to trucks and buses, diesel car manufacturers use systems that require AdBlue®. That is an indication of increased awareness on why reducing toxic emissions to support low environmental impacts is vital. That applies to most companies worldwide.

If your vehicle features a system that needs AdBlue®, you will need to replace it during each service. Some vehicle models feature a warning light on the dashboard, which indicates when the AdBlue® level is running low – to inform you that the vehicle needs checking. You can also opt to replace the AdBlue® fluid the do-it-yourself way but you will require the manufacturer’s guidance. Check the fluid’s level before going abroad or traveling for a long distance.

The benefits of using AdBlue®

The primary benefit of AdBlue® is that it minimises mono-nitrogen oxide emissions from vehicles. That reduces the negative impacts that your company would have on the environment and allows you to advertise your company as eco-friendly.

The other common name for AdBlue® is Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). It is a mixture of demineralised water and urea. Farmers have been using urea as a fertilizer since the year 1828. The usage is also high in the manufacture of most cosmetics. Not every truck requires AdBlue® – only those released after the year 2005. That was after several countries around Europe introduced strict rules on diesel exhaust emissions. Before travelling for long distances or going abroad, check the AdBlue® fluid.

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